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Anhui XinWu Research Institute of Precise Equipment Manufacture and Applications

Address: Anhui province Wuhu County Xinxiang Technology Incubation Park
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About WuHuGuangDian

Wuhu hongtai automation equipment co., LTD is a professional engaged in flat 3 d printing technology emerging high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in research and development, production, sales of 3 d printers, model covers the FDM, SLA, SLS, DLP, 3 dp type and so on various types of 3 d printers, which industrial-grade SLA 3 d printers, tested the machining accuracy is 0.05 mm, reached the international advanced level. Now use its own production 5 SLA type 3 d printer set up the 3 d printing center, engaged in the 3 d printing processing services, including SLA hand-board, small batch production of processing services, the main material for the import of photosensitive resin. To the made in China, China's creation, industrial upgrading, to provide quality service platform.

Wuhu hongtai automation equipment co., LTD is located in flat bay industrial developed transport facilities anhui wuhu county town of interlingual transfer new xiang technology incubator park. The company has a group engaged in the research and development and production of the 3 d printer team, and cultivate a batch of professional talents engaged in rapid prototyping, a comprehensive professional knowledge, good collaboration and communication ability, can accurately grasp the customer's product design, development and production requirements, through scientific rigorous work process, combined with long-term practical experience, for customers the highest quality hand model.  

Company since its establishment, with wan jiang city belt industrial upgrading transfer policy dividend to get fast development, adhere to the scientific outlook on development, hard work, work seriously, improve perfecting its own strength. With "first-class service, high quality products, reasonable price, good faith management" for the principle, with customers to establish long-term friendly and cooperative partnership, and won the majority of customers rely on and support!  

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Anhui XinWu Research Institute of Precise Equipment Manufacture and Applications

address:Anhui Wuhu County China

tel:15002123748    Technical support: Yanhuang network

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